The American Rich Alati won $ 62,400 to meet the challenge imposed by his friend Rory Young to stay in that place.

In an interview with The Action Network, Alati said that they rented a room in Las Vegas with De Young last December, sealed the bathroom so that no light came in, and installed infrared cameras to record the feat.

According to Alati told the same media, on the third day of being in the bathroom, he began to hallucinate how to see different colors and shapes, white bubbles, windows with light and even a train.

“I just had to convince myself that it was not real. The hallucinations did not stop, but I just left the fear aside, “he added in the interview.

He assured that the practice of yoga and meditation helped him to endure the 20 days. “I knew how to train my thoughts to be positive when I needed it, which helped me succeed,” Alati said.

The subject indicated that he followed a strict routine and that he exercised every day.

“He was quite creative. I made anaerobic plates, abdominals and push-ups. I even did push-ups with an inclination on the bathtub, “Atali said.

When leaving the bathroom, the Atali had to wear sunglasses for a while to protect his eyes, because they were already used to the darkness, said the American portal.

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